President Elect Executive Board Nominations

President Elect nomination page


Nominations open from June 1 - November 1 on odd calendar years


Link to Google Form to submit nominations

If nominating more than one person, please fill out a separate form for each nominee.


This Executive Board position is a 6 year term.
     Years 1 & 2 = 1st Vice President (in year 2, they run the state conference)
     Years 3 & 4 = President
     Years 5 & 6 = Past President


Job description (From OMEA Policies and Procedures)




The President Elect shall:

1. Assume the duties of the President in the absence of the President.
2. Hold overall responsibility for all record keeping and all corporate funds.
3. Attend all board and executive board meetings.
4. Either record the minutes of all proceedings of the board of control or arrange for the minutes to be taken.

5. Authenticate the records of the corporation (minutes, records and legal paperwork).
6. Serve as general chair of the even year state conference and All-State.
7. Develop a budget for the even year state conference and All-State in conjunction with the President and the Treasurer.
8. Attend and help with the odd year state conference and All-State.
9. Assume the office of President upon the completion of his/her term. If the President Elect is unable to do so, the Immediate Past President will assume the office of the President to complete the term.
10. Be responsible for a magazine article in each issue of the Oregon Music Educator.