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March 18th  District Result deadline
March 22nd  School Registration deadline

April 3rd Schedule Posted

April 17th  Add/Drop Cutoff
April 24th  Schedule Change/Accompanist Change Cutoff
April 27th State Solo Championship at Pacific University


State Solo Contest Location- Pacific University


Please check at http://www.osaa.org/activities/sol for schedule updates and information.





District Chair Solo Contest Instructions

Registration Procedures

OSAA Solo Contest Music Eligibility FAQ


District Solo Judges' Form

330 Point Percussion Judge’s Evaluation Form


State Solo Contest Chair: Tom Muller   David Douglas High School  Email Tom   503- 261-8386                            

Rule 8- OSAA- State Solo Individual Eligibility

Individual eligibility rules to be satisfied by a music student in order to represent his or her school in competitive music activities are the same as for any other OSAA sport or activity with the following additional rules:

8.1. SCHOOL MUSIC CLASS PARTICIPATION REQUIREMENT.  An eligible music student shall be enrolled in the class for the appropriate performing ensemble.
   String players shall be enrolled in a string/orchestra class.
   Woodwind/Brass/Percussion players shall be enrolled in a band class.
   Vocalists shall be enrolled in a choir class.

8.2.. 3A, 2A, 1A BAND/ORCHESTRA/CHOIR EXCEPTION.  For 3A, 2A and 1A schools, students in the 7th and/or 8th grades of feeder schools may represent the high school they will be attending in band, orchestra and choir competitions.

8.3.  CHARTER SCHOOL SOLO MUSIC EXCEPTION.  A student enrolled in an Associate Member charter school may represent the public school located in the attendance boundary of the joint residence of the student and the student's parents in Solo Music competition if permission is granted by the principal of the resident public high school.

Questions and Answers 
1. Q.  If there is no "appropriate performance ensemble" class available at the school for the instrument/voice of a particular musician, e.g. no orchestra offered for a string player, may that student musician participate at the OMEA District or OSAA State Solo Contest representing the school?

A. Yes, if the application to participate is signed by a member of the music staff or the principal of the school the student wishes to represent.

2. Q. If a student musician is not enrolled in the "appropriate performance ensemble" class available at the student's school, may that student musician participate at the OMEA District Solo Contest, league large group (Choir, Band, Orchestra) music contest or OSAA Solo or large group (Choir, Band, Orchestra) music contest representing the school?
A. No.
3. Q. Must a home school student be enrolled in the "appropriate performance ensemble" at their resident public school to be eligible for competition?
A. Yes.
4. Q. Must a student participating in an event which the school will use to qualify for state competition be eligible to participate in that event?
A. Yes.