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Executive Board

OMEA President: Kathy Briggs, Saint Mary's Academy
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OMEA President Elect 1st VP / 2020 Conference Chair: Jeremy Zander     Mountainside High School  
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OMEA Second VP / 2019 Conference Chair: Janet Lea   North Bay Elementary   
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OMEA Past President: Todd Zimbelman, West Salem HS
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OMEA Treasurer: David Becker    Lewis and Clark College, Retired
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Executive Director: Carolyn Sutton   
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All-State Co-Chairs: Branden & Megan Hansen

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Area Chairs

State Solo Contest Chair: Tom Muller    David Douglas High School
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State Chamber Ensemble Contest Chair: Dan Judd Retired 
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Band Chair: Michael Burch-Pesses, DMA   Pacific University
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Choral Chair: Karen Bohart Reynolds High School

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Jazz Chair: Dan Davey   Mt. Hood Community  College
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Orchestra Chair: Dijana Ihas, PhD    Pacific University   
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Elementary Music Chair: Beth Wheeler University of Oregon
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General Music Chair: DeLee Brown Kalapuya Elementary

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Small Schools Chair:  

Advocacy Chairs:  

Andie Andeen Salem-Keizer

Email Me 503-399-3061

Jennifer Mohr Colett   Copper Mountain Elementary
Email Me    503-764-8877    Photo and Bio

Business/Sustaining Member Chair:  Rob McGlothin    Sandy HS   
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Membership Chair:  Stephen Fulks  West Powellhurst Elementary 
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SMTE Chair: Wesley Brewer  Oregon State University
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District Chairs:

District 01 Chair: Gary Riler Cleveland High School
Email Me     503-847-1665

District 02 Chair:  Amber Schroeder    Sam Barlow High School   
Email Me    c503-789-8753 s503-258-4940 

District 03 Chair: Michael McCure     Warrenton High School  
Email Me     s503-668-8011 x7226

District 04 Chair: Deborah Barber     Orchestra Salem-Keizer SD
Email Me     503-851-4970


District 05 Chair: Ben Lawson Redmond High School
Email Me    541-218-1188

District 06 Co-Chair:  Andy Cary  Pendelton HS / Sunridge MS    
Email Me    c541-377-7075


District 06 Co - Chair: Emily Muller-Cary     Sunridge Middle School

Email Me      509-993-4914


District 07 Chair: Chris Rowbotham     Siuslaw Middle & High School

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District 08 Co-Chair: Shayne Flock   Crater High School

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District 08 Co-Chair: Branden Hansen   Roseburg High School

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District 09 Chair: Max Thew  Nyssa Middle School & High School
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District 10 Chair: Karalyn Soffer Riddle School District
Email Me    541-874-2251

District 11 Chair: Danny Mitchell    West Albany High School   
Email Me     541-704-1095

District 12 Chair: Tim Vian    Thruston High School 
Email Me     c541-337-1446

District 13 Chair:  Josh Weir    Gladstone High School 
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District 14 Chair:  Laura Arthur   Athey Creek Middle School 
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District 15 Chair: Mandy Burton   Highland Park Middle School   
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Special Board Reps / Liaisons   

CNAfME Representative:  

OSAA Band / Orchestra Contest Co-Chairs:

Chuck Bolton     Retired
Email Me    h503.761.0688  c503.341.6214   Photo and Bio

David Sime   Retired

Email Me    c541-460-3441

OSAA Band Rep: Jeremy Zander     Mountainside High School  
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OSAA Choral Liaison:  Kimberly McConnell     West Salem High School
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OSAA Choir Contest Chair: Matthew Strauser    Retired   
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OMEA Historian: David Becker    Lewis and Clark College  Retired   
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Journal Editors: 

Melissa Brunkan    University of Oregon

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Danielle Davey     Mt. Hood Community College

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District Map