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Executive Board

OMEA President:  Todd Zimbelman, West Salem HS
Email Me    541-913-0037   Photo and Bio

OMEA President Elect 1st VP / 2018 Conference Chair: Kathy Briggs, Saint Mary's Academy
Email Me   503-250-4259   Photo and Bio

OMEA Second VP / 2017 Conference Chair: Janet Lea   North Bay Elementary   
Email Me     543-575-8631   Photo and Bio

OMEA Past President: Tom Muller    David Douglas   
Email Me    503-261-8386   Photo and Bio

OMEA Treasurer: David Becker    Lewis and Clark College, Retired
Email Me    503-407-4707   Photo and Bio

Executive Director: Carolyn Sutton   
Email Me   541-291-1149   


Area Chairs

State Solo Contest Chair: Tom Muller    David Douglas HS  
Email Me    503-261-8386   Photo and Bio


State Chamber Ensemble Contest Chair: Dan Judd   Summit HS 
Email Me -  s541-355-4185  Photo and Bio

Band Chair: Jeff- Hornick     Oregon Episcopal School
Email Me     503-416-9334   Photo and Bio


Choral Chair: Karen Bohart Reynolds High School

Email Me   971-678-2983


Jazz Chair: Dan Davey   Mt, Hood Community  College
Email Me    617-291-7464   Photo and Bio

Orchestra Chair: Dijana Ihas    Pacific University   
Email Me     503-399-3442 ex 403   Photo and Bio  


Elementary Music Chair: Beth Wheeler University of Oregon
Email Me  

General Music Chair: Mary  Schay   Earl Boyles Elementary
Email Me    971-221-8477   Photo and Bio

Small Schools Chair:  

Advocacy Chairs:  Jennifer Mohr Colett   Copper Mountain Elementary
Email Me    503-764-8877    Photo and Bio

Andie Andeen Salem-Keizer

Email Me 503-399-3061

Business/Sustaining Member Chair:  Rob McGlothin    Sandy HS   
Email Me   503-421-2697   Photo and Bio 

Membership Chair:  Stephen Fulks  West Powellhurst Elementary 
Email Me    503-453-4500


SMTE Chair: Sandra Babb  Oregon State University
Email Me    s541-737-5603



District Chairs:

District 01 Chair: Gary Riler Cleveland High School
Email Me     503-847-1665

District 02 Chair:  Rob McGlothin    Sandy High School   
Email Me    503.668.8011 x 233  c503.421.2697  Photo and Bio

District 03 Chair: Michael McCure     Warrenton High School  
Email Me     s503-668-8011 x7226

District 04 Chair: Deborah Barber     Orchestra Salem-Keizer SD
Email Me     503-851-3376

The links below are for District 4

Rules for Oregon State Solo Contest     

OMEA Solo Ensemble Director Letter      

Directions to Register for Solo Chair

2017 Rules for State Chamber Ensemble   

Solo and Ensemble Letter to Accompanists and Private Teachers   


District 05 Chair: Ben Lawson Redmond High School
Email Me    541-218-1188

District 06 Co-Chair:  Andy Cary  Pendelton HS / Sunridge MS    
Email Me    c541-377-7075


District 06 Co - Chair: Emily Callender     Sunridge Middle School

Email Me      509-993-4914

District 07 Co - Chair: Chris Rowbotham     Siuslaw Middle & High School

Email Me     541-216-1923


District 08 Co-Chair: Steve Kessler    North Medford High School    
Email Me     s541-842-5323


District 08 Co-Chair: Kendra Taylor    North Medford High School    
Email Me     s541-842-5324    Photo and Bio


District 09 Chair: Max Thew  Nyssa Middle School & High School
Email Me     509-671-5282


District 10 Chair: Karalyn Soffer Riddle School District
Email Me    541-874-2251

District 11 Chair: Danny Mitchell    West Albany High School   
Email Me     541-223-1604

District 12 Chair: Tim Vian    Thruston High School 
Email Me     c541-337-1446

District 13 Chair:  John Donnelly    LaSalle High School 
Email Me     c971-230-4897

District 14 Chair:  Laura Arther   Athey Creek Middle School 
Email Me    c503-701-5486 

District 15 Chair: Mandy Burton   Highland Park Middle School   
Email Me    c503-593-8202   Photo and Bio

Special Board Reps / Liaisons   

CNAfME Representative:  

OSAA Band / Orchestra Contest Chair: Chuck Bolton     Retired
Email Me    h503.761.0688  c503.341.6214   Photo and Bio

OSAA Band Rep: Jeremy Zander     Mountainside High School  
Email Me    c541-968-3037   Photo and Bio

OSAA Choral Liaison:  Kimberly McConnell     West Salem High School
Email Me    541-543-6770  

OSAA Choir Contest Chair: Matthew Strauser    Retired   
Email Me    503.589.8167      

OMEA Historian: David Becker    Lewis and Clark College  Retired   
Email Me    503.407.4707   Photo and Bio   


Journal Editor: Jason Silveira     University of Oregon  
Email Me    c401-368-9332   Photo and Bio


District Map