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OMEA Award Nomination Window Open from June 1 - November 1 

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Award recipients will be announced at the annual conference in January.


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Excellence in Elementary Music Education

Exemplary Service to the Profession

John C. McManus Distinguished Teacher

Outstanding Administrator Award

Outstanding Contributor Award

Outstanding Early Career Music Educator Award

Outstanding Middle School Music Educator Award

Outstanding Music Educator 


Past OMEA Awards Recipients

Congratulations and thank you for your support of music education in the State of Oregon!


Excellence in Elementary Music Education  

This Award Recognizes- commitment to elementary music education and remarkable achievement in focusing on teaching children through music.

2007- Denise Phillips, Elementary Music  Jacob Wismer Elementary, Vancouver

2008- Melinda Jordan, Elementary Music   Verne Duncun Elementary, Happy Valley

2009- Suzanne Light, General Music   Irving Elementary, Bethel School District, Eugene

2010- Wendy Appleton,  General Music   Sam Boardman Elementary School, Boardman

2011- Louise Kienzle, General Music  Humbolt Elementary School, John Day

2012- Richard Greiner, General Music   Archer Glen Elementary & Eddy Ridge Elementary, Newberg

2013- Joint conference with Northwest - no awards given

2014-Donna Kagan, Elementary Music  Elementary Honor Groups, Portland 

2015- Jennifer Mohr Colette, Elementary Music  Fir Grove Elementary, Beaverton

2016- Kimberly Putnam, Elementary Music  Hazeldale Elementary, Beaverton

2017 - Corin Parker

2018 - DeLee Brown, Salem-Keizer School District

2019 - Joint conference with Northwest - no awards given

2020 - Val Ellett, David Douglas School District

2021 - Kendra Kay Friar


Exemplary Service to the Profession  

This Award Recognizes- significant contributions to the music education profession through leadership, service, and advocacy.

2008- Toni Skelton, Meyers Elementary School    Salem-Keizer School District

2009- Marlan Carlson, Chair, Music Department    Oregon State University

2010- Karl Raschkes, Music/Theater Arts Director   Salem-Keizer School District

2011- Mike Wallmark, OSAA Associate Director   Oregon Schools Activity Association

2012- Chuck Bolton, OSAA Band Festival Coordinator   Retired

2013- Joint conference with Northwest no awards given

2014- Jane and Jim Howell, OMEA Executive Directors  La Grande

2015- Christopher Silva, Director of Choirs  David Douglas High School, Portland

2016- Greg Weast, Columbia River Music  The Dalles

2017 - Mary Ann Vidourek

2018 - Max McKee

2019 - Joint conference with Northwest - no awards given

2020 - Dave Becker, Retired from Lewis and Clark University

2021 - Larry Graves, Retired 


John C. McManus Distinguished Teacher  

This award is to honor those with a life-time of service to music education with a highly distinguished record of professional accomplishment.

2000- John McManus, Professor Emeritus, Clarinet   University of Oregon

2002- Jane Forvilly, Director of Bands and Orchestras  Elmira High School

2004- Randall Moore, Elementary Music Education  University of Oregon

2005- Dave Becker, Director of Bands and Orchestras  Lewis and Clark College

2006- Gary Frame, Director of Choirs  South Salem High School

2007-Sally Mc Bride, Adams Elementary School, Corvallis School District

2008- Chuck Bolton, Director of Bands and Orchestras   Sam Barlow High School

2009- Ben Brooks, Director of Bands and Orchestras   Reynolds High School

2010- Charles Creighton, Director of Orchestras   Crescent Valley High School, Corvallis

2011- Gene Burton, Director of Bands   McKarty Middle School, Gresham-Barlow School District

2012- Debbie Glaze, All-Northwest President- k-20 Music Educator,  Portland State University

2013- Joint conference with Northwest no awards given

2014- Loren Wenz, 9-20 Educator, George Fox University

2016- Dick Elliott,  9-20 Educator, George Fox University

2017 - Dr. Tina Bull, Oregon State University

2018 - Michael Burch-Pesses, Pacific University

2019 - Joint conference with Northwest - no awards given

2020 - Nita Van Pelt, Retired

2021 - Steve Peter, Retired


Outstanding Administrator Award  

In recognition of outstanding contributions to music education through administrative support

2009- Peyton Chapman, Principal    Lincoln High School, Portland School District

2010- Cherie Stroud, Principal    Crescent Valley High School, Corvallis

2010- Dan Jamison, Superintendent    Sherwood School District

2011- Lynn Baker, Principal   Summit High School, Bend

2012- Joel Sebastian, Principal   Baker Paine Middle School - Canby

2013- Joint conference with Northwest no awards given

2014- Rene Cardiff, Superintendent, South Middle School -  Grants Pass 

2014- Ed John, Principal West Salem High School

2015- Ron Beick, Principal   North Medford High School

2015- Don Grotting, Superintendent   David Douglas School District, Portland

2016- Laura Perez, Principal  Straub Middle School, Salem

2017 - Brent Belveal, South Albany High School

2018 - Sandra Harris

2019 - Joint conference with Northwest - no awards given

2020 - Bruce Schmidt, Principal, Sam Barlow High School, Gresham 

2021 - Guadalupe Guerrero,  Superintendent of Portland Public Schools

2021 - Lara Tiffin, South Salem High School Principal


Outstanding Contributor Award  

In recognition of significant contributions to the Oregon Music Education Association. Individual, business, or organization that has contributed to music education in an extraordinary manner through service, leadership, or advocacy through music business, arts organizations, or advocacy.

2009- Janet Stewart, Assistant to the Dean    University of Oregon, School of Music

2010- Lindy Wunn, Instrument Repair Specialist   Portland Public Schools 

2011- Keith Weathers, Owner of Weathers Music   Weathers Music, Salem

2012- Steven M. Zielke, Director of Choral Studies, OMEA President 2006-2008   Oregon State University

2014- Ron Jeffers, Oregon State University

2013- Joint conference with Northwest no awards given

2015- Charlie Eads, KGAL/KSHO Radio Station  Willamette Valley

2016- Al Kato, Conference Exhibit Chair  Portland

2017 - Larry Chamberlain, Yamaha

2018 - Joe Rohrbacher

2019 - Joint conference with Northwest - no awards given

2020 - Philip Hodapp, School Service Representative, Beacock's Music

2021 - Randy Graves and Peter Heithoff, Bend Instrument Repair


Outstanding Early Career Music Educator 

In recognition of teachers in the beginning of their career who are showing exemplary work with their students and in their communities. Ideal candidates for this award are within the first 7 years of their teaching career, inspire exemplary musicianship in their students, and have been an active participant in OMEA events.


Outstanding Middle School Music Educator 

In recognition of an educators' commitment to middle-school/junior high music education and remarkable achievement in focusing on teaching children through music.


Outstanding Music Educator  

In recognition of exemplary teaching in music education. These educators exemplify outstanding achievement in the field of music education

2006-Richard Elliott, Director of Bands   Newberg High School

2007- Russell Christensen, Choral Director  Sprague High School, Salem

2008- Mary Lou Boderman, Director of Bands   South Salem High School

2009- Jim Howell, Director of Bands  La Grande High School       

2010- Patrick Vandehey, Director of Bands   George Fox University, Newberg

2011- John Hammond, Director of Bands   Warrenton High School, Warrenton 

2012- Joe Ingram, Director of Bands   Shasta Middle School , Eugene

2013- Joint conference with Northwest no awards given

2014- Ike Nail, Director of Bands   Western Oregon University, Monmouth

2015- Mark Steighner, Director of Music   Hood River Valley High School

2016- John Hillan, Elementary Music  Lowrie Primary School, Wilsonville

2017  - Dave Sime & Marcia Stevens

2018 - Chris Chapman, Oregon State University & Cinda Reeves-Snyder

2019 - Joint conference with Northwest - no awards given

2020 - Ken Graber, Choir Director at North Bend High School

2021 - Dijana Ihas, Pacific University


OMEA Lifetime Achievement Award

2018 - Jim & Jane Howell, past OMEA Executive Directors, retired 2017