Conference Student Composition Contest

OMEA Student Composition Contest

The purpose of the OMEA State Composition Contest is to promote music literacy, music theory, and music composition for students at the elementary, middle, and high school levels.


Link to submit your student composition (google form) It is helpful to have a Google account to submit this form.

·       Compositions may be in written in any style or genre and for any solo or combination of instruments or voices (instrumental, choral/vocal, or electronic).


·       Minimum length of composition:  

o   Elementary composers (grades K-5): 1 minute

o   Middle School composers (grades 6-8): 2 minutes

o   High School composers (grades 9-12): 3 minutes


·       Student compositions must be submitted electronically by an OMEA member teacher on behalf of the student.  Teachers must have a google account to complete the form and upload the compositions.  Compositions must be in the following formats: 

a.       [REQUIRED] A pdf file of the music written in traditional music notation for instrumentation/voicing. 

i.      Music may be neatly hand written on staff paper, then photocopied and converted to a pdf.

ii.      Music may be written using a computer music writing program (Sibelius, Finale, Notion, etc.) and converted to a pdf.

b.       [Optional, but highly encouraged]  A live recording (mp3 file) or an electronic/midi/computer generated performance (mp3 file).


·       Application fee – none.


·       Deadline for submissions Nov 15. 


·       Compositions will be assessed and ranked based on the following rubric (pdf on OMEA page)


·       Winners notified and announced approximately Dec 15.


·       Winners and their parents will be invited to the OMEA Banquet, where winning students will be honored with an award and excerpts of their compositions will be performed (either live or recorded, depending upon required and available instrumentation/voicing).


Questions can be directed to Josh Rist, OMEA Composition Contest Chairperson,