Conference Student Composition Contest

2023 - OMEA State Composition Contest

Deadline November 1


The purpose of the OMEA State Composition Contest is to promote music literacy, music theory, and music composition for students at the elementary, middle, and high school levels.


Link to submission form It is helpful to have a Google account to submit this form.


The purpose of an OMEA State Composition Contest is to promote music literacy, music theory, and music composition for students at the elementary, middle, and high school levels.


Compositions may be written in any style or genre and for any solo or combination of instruments or voices (instrumental, choral/vocal, or electronic).


Minimum length of composition:

o Elementary composers (grades K-5): 1 minute

o Middle School composers (grades 6-8): 2 minutes

o High School composers (grades 9-12): 3 minutes


Student compositions must be submitted electronically by an OMEA member teacher on behalf of the student. Teachers must have a google account to complete the form and upload the compositions. Compositions must be in the following formats:

   a. [REQUIRED] A pdf file of the music written in traditional music notation.

       i. Music may be neatly handwritten on staff paper, then photocopied /scanned/photographed and converted to a pdf.

       ii. Music may be written using a computer music writing program (Sibelius, Finale, Notion, etc.) and converted to a pdf.

   b. [Optional, but highly encouraged] A live recording (mp3 file) or an electronic/midi/computer generated performance (mp3 file).


Application fee – none.

Deadline for submissions November 1, 2022.

Winners in each grade category will be notified in December.


Compositions will be assessed and ranked based on the rubric found on the OMEA website.


Winners and their teachers will be recognized online (OMEA website) and at the OMEA State conference in January.  Winners will receive a trophy in recognition of their achievement.


2023 Composers’ Symposium (High School Only) 

At least ten (10) high school OMEA Composition Contest Finalists will be selected to participate in the Composer’s Symposium sponsored by the Oregon Coast Youth Symphony Festival at Newport in April 2022.  Selected students will receive individual instruction (in-person & via Skype/Zoom) from December through April from professional composer Dr. Dana Reason at OSU.  Each student participating in the Symposium will receive a $250 scholarship from the Festival and have all expenses paid (motel, food, etc.) during the Symposium.  More information about the OCYS Festival and Composers’ Symposium is available by contacting Dr. Michael Dalton at .


Questions about the OMEA Student Composition Contest?  Contact contest co-chairs, Kathy Briggs at or Josh Rist at




Past Composition Contest Winners


2021- 2022


Student Composer


Music Teacher







Skye Neal

“Epiphany” for string orchestra

Eri Nogueira

Lake Oswego Junior High

Honorable Mention

Sanjana Santosh

“Winter Waltz” for solo piano

Paul Swardstrom

Tumwater Middle School






Pranchalee “Spy” Mohr

“Lucy” original Bossa Nova tune for jazz band

Brant Stai

Sherwood High School


Koharu Sakiyama

“Matsuri” 7-movement work for full symphony

Kevin Egan

West Linn High School

Honorable Mention

Byron Seward

“On the Other Side” original progressive rock song

Bobby Rathbone

Westview High School




2020 - 2021

Elementary School

No entries

Middle School

Co-Champion: Russell Martino - Nocturne in E-Minor; Music Teacher: John Daly

Co-ChampionHaruka Sakiyama - City Night; Music Teacher: Ryan Uldall, Athey Creek Middle School

Honorable Mentions: 

Ashton Cochrun - Jazz Song; Music Teacher: Mike Dyer, Sherwood Middle School

Micah Dahl - Just a Piano, Finale (4th Movement) "The Fruits of My Labor" ; Music Teacher: Mandy Burton, Highland Park Middle School

Alexander Denny - Mythical Conquest; Music Teacher: Ryan Uldall, Athey Creek Middle School

High School

Co-Champion: Sam Ibarra - Kintsugi Theme and Variations; Music Teacher: Alexander Figueroa, McKay High School

Co-Champion: Koharu Sakiyama - Suite du Cirque; Music Teacher: Kevin Egan, West Linn High School

Honorable Mentions:

Jake Billard - In Waning Winter Wind; Music Teacher: Alec Chase, Sandy High School

Colin Hamilton - Overcome; Music Teacher: Matthew Farris, Molalla River High School

Henry Stubbert - Cloudburst Music Teacher: Kami Hendrix, Sheldon High School

2019 - 2020

Elementary School

No entries

Middle School

Champion: Haruka Sakiyama - Band Soldier March; Music Teacher: Ryan Uldall, Athey Creek Middle School

Honorable Mention: Spy Pranchalee - Timeless; Music Teacher: Casey Crane, Laurel Ridge Middle School

High School

Co-Champion: Ryan Fillinger-Palotay - On This Day; Music Teacher: Brant Stai, Sherwood High School

Co-Champion: Isabella Morrill - Hymn to the Rain; Music Teacher: Michael McClure, Warrenton High School

Honorable Mentions:

Matthew Kaminski - Hidden Voices; Music Teacher: Jeremy Zander, Mountainside High School

Micah Nichols - Styrofoam; Music Teacher: Branden Hansen, Roseburg High School

Koharu Sakiyama - Dancing WhirlwindsMusic Teacher: Kevin Egan, West Linn High School

Maurice Talbot - TranslucenceMusic Teacher: Travis Moddison, Ashland High School

2018 - 2019 

Middle School

      Champion: Amir Avsker - Violin Sonata No. 1, Op. 28 in G Major. Music Teacher: Patrick McNeill

      Honorable Mention: Liliana Salazar - My Champion. Music Teacher: Carolyn Freel

High School

     Co-Champion: Ryan Fillinger - Hymn to a Rising Dawn. Music Teacher: Brant Stai

     Co-Champion: Michael McCann - Delta, Fantasia for Wind Ensemble. Music Teacher: Jarod Sorum

     Honorable Mention (Choral/Vocal): Samantha Greenhalgh - The Lord's Return; Music Teacher: Mary Brandenstein

     Honorable Mention (Strings): Ella Rose - Haunting; Music Teacher: Kristine Janes

2017 - 2018

Elementary School

Champion: Peter Scheessele - Peter's Theme

Middle School

Champion: Koharu Sakiyama - Little Bird

High School

Champion: Jacob Safirstein - Concertpiece No. 1