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Advertising Information

Oregon Music Educator Journal

1200 Copies Minimum Per Issue (Fall Submission Deadline: September 1,
Spring Submission Deadline: February 15)
Page Size Dimensions Color or B&W Price Issues
(Check all that Apply)
Full: Back Cover7.5" x 10"Color$450.00 Sold out Spring
Full: Inside Front Cover7.5" x 10"Color$425.00 Sold out Sold out
Full: Inside Back Cover7.5" x 10"Color$425.00 Fall Spring
Full: Interior7.5" x 10"Color$400.00 Fall Spring
Full: Interior7.5" x 10"Black & White$300.00 Fall Spring
1/2 Page7.5" x 5"Black & White$200.00 Fall Spring
1/3 Page7.5" x 3"Black & White$150.00 Fall Spring
1/3 Page2.25" x 10"Black & White$150.00 Fall Spring
1/4 Page3.5" x 5"Black & White$100.00 Fall Spring


Annual All State Concert Program

3500 Copies (black & white) Submission Deadline November 1
Page Size Dimensions B&W Price Issues
(Check all that Apply)
Full: Back Cover4.75" x 7.5"Black & White$200.00 Sold out
Full: Inside Front Cover4.75" x 7.5"Black & White$175.00 Sold out
Full: Inside Back Cover4.75" x 7.5"Black & White$175.00 Sold out
Full: Interior4.75" x 7.5"Black & White$150.00
1/2 Page4.75" x 4"Black & White$75.00
1/2 Page2.5" x 7.5"Black & White$75.00
1/4 Page4.75" x 2"Black & White$50.00
1/4 Page2.5 x 4"Black & White$50.00

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