Advertiser / Sponsor Benefits

What is Guidebook?

A mobile app which manages our conference schedule, exhibit and event space maps, advertisements, bios and photos of our presenters, and more! Since our attendees’ attention is focused on their mobile apps, visitors will interact with the app to look up schedules, make to-do lists, and find their way around on interactive maps.


Here’s the data the app will collect:


  • •  Banner views - How many impressions did the sponsor receive?
  • •  Banner clicks - How many impressions converted into interested leads?
  • •  Content interactions - How many users interacted with sponsored content in the app?
  • •  Polls & Surveys - Solicited feedback gives your sponsors the unique opportunity to ask targeted questions and collect contact information on their leads.


Ad specs for Guidebook Sponsorships:

Sponsor Banner:
                Banner image 600px wide x 110px tall  (.png format)
                Image & description for sponsor page
                Sponsor website URL or sponsor details in PDF (max 3 pages)

Sponsor Icons (2 image files needed):
                Large image: 640px wide x 240px tall  (.png format)
                Thumbnail logo: 240px wide x 240px tall  (.png format)


Link to the official Guidebook website for more information