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To join OMEA/NAfME or renew an existing membership, go to the NAfME website


Once you become a member online you will have access to the OMEA and NAfME websites within 24 hours.

If you renew online with a credit card - it takes until the next day for the OMEA and NAfME websites to sync the updated information.

If you pay for your renewal with a Purchase Order or by Check and mail it in, it can take up to 4 weeks for NAfME to process your renewal.

Membership Type NAfME Dues State Dues Total
Active $100.00 $45.00 $145.00
Collegiate $30.00 $7.00 $37.00
Introductory $50.00 $20.00 $70.00
Retired $50.00 $16.00 $66.00







Login Troubleshooting:


1. Login by using your primary email (the primary email address you provided NAfME) and your NAfME ID number (minus the zeros at the front of the number). 


2. If your NAfME membership has lapsed, you will not be able to access the OMEA Membership pages. If you have entered the correct login information, it may be possible that your NAfME membership has lapsed. Please go to Become a Member to renew your membership. Once you renew your membership online you will have access to the OMEA and NAfME websites within 24 hours. 


3. If you know that your NAfME membership is current AND you are using your primary email address and NAfME ID (minus the zeros at the front of the number) please contact the site administrator either by email or by using the Contact Us so we can help.

4. Contact NAfME directly with issues with the NAfME website or renewal at