Selected Elementary Students

OMEA All-State Elementary Choir


All-State Application Packet


Teachers nominate only students with "unchanged treble voices"

Elementary Choir is for 5th grade students only


Link to Opus Event All State Registration Site - Will open September 1st


There is no audition for the elementary choir - simply a nomination by the teacher

All students and their families must agree that, if selected, they will commit to the event, be able to pay the registration fee by the November 8 deadline, and are aware that all students must stay at the hotel overnight.


Application fee is $3.00 (paid via credit card only)


Application Fee Deadline is October 1st by 11:59:59 PM


Students that are nominated, must be fully prepared to participate in the event and pay the fee by November 8.


All-State Registration Fee: $187.00 (due after a student is selected and notified --> November 8, 2019) paid via credit card only (Parents will be allowed access to Opus to complete the Registration and payment process)


Elementary Honor Choir Dates: Friday, January 17 – Saturday, January 18, 2020


Rehearsals will be held at the University of Oregon music building and the performance will be held at the First Baptist Church in Eugene.


Elementary Choir Guest Conductor: Darcy Morrissey


All participants will room with 3 other ensemble members at the Valley River Inn during the event.

Meals will be provided Friday afternoon through Saturday morning.


You may nominate up to 10 students per school, but only the first two nominations per school may be accepted. Make sure you nominate students in the order you want them accepted