2021 Virtual District Solo and Ensemble Contests

OMEA 2021 Virtual District Solo and Ensemble Contests


Congratulations to all participants of the 2021 OMEA Solo/Ensemble Festival.  All Directors and participants have been emailed a link to your adjudication form for your performance from noreply@opusevent. 


To access your form, click the link in that email, then enter your music teacher’s last name and the primary email address that you used to register for the festival. The form you will see will have your written comments, as well as your scores (if you asked to be scored).  If the adjudicator was able to record video feedback for your performance, you will be able to see that video by clicking the play button in the top center of the form.  You can also re-watch your performance video in the upper left corner of the form.



- You cannot view this adjudication form on a phone or tablet – Only on an actual computer. 

- Browsers: While the form may work in Firefox, it works best in the latest version of Google Chrome. The form will not display or function correctly in Safari and most other browsers.


For those participants that wished to be considered for the State Solo or State Chamber Ensemble Contest, the contest results for each OMEA district are posted below.  You will receive information about how to proceed with registration for the state contests in the next few days from OSAA and OMEA.


1st Place and 2nd Place finishers at the district level are automatic qualifiers for the OSAA State Solo and OMEA State Chamber Ensemble Contest.  For further information about placement at the State events, please see the State Solo Music Handbook on the OSAA website, and the State Chamber Ensemble Handbook on the OMEA website.  OSAA and OMEA will work to include as many alternates as possible in the state contests.  Alternates will be notified about acceptance to the state contests.


If you wish to see what your contest rating would be (I, II, III), the scoring chart for these ratings is on the top of the adjudication form.


The OMEA State Chamber Ensemble Contest Chair is Gary Riler.  The OSAA State Solo Contest Chair is Nathan Irby from OMEA, along with Kyle Stanfield from OSAA.  If you have questions about these events, please contact these chairs.


District Results

District 1

District 2

District 3

District 4

District 5

District 6

District 7

District 8

District 9

District 10

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District 15

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Contest Dates and Deadlines

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District Solo & Ensemble Evaluation

District Solo & Ensemble Virtual Event Structure for 2021 Explained

District Solo & Ensemble Costs & Fees

OMEA Chamber Ensemble Rules

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OSAA State Solo Handbook

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Opus Event link for contest registration


To establish OPUS as a Vendor for your School District (Credit Card Payments ONLY)


3705 E Smith Rd

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EIN:        91-1760119

Notation on CC Transaction is OpusEvent


Dates & Deadlines


OMEA District Solo & Ensemble registration opens on OpusEvent.com


OMEA District Solo & Ensemble registration closes on OpusEvent.com


OMEA District Solo & Ensemble audition submission deadline on OpusEvent.com


OMEA District Solo & Ensemble district level results released

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District Virtual Event Structure for 2021



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District Solo & Ensemble Evaluation


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*** These dates are subject to revision based on discussion with OSAA ***

***TBD on whether OSAA will host and run the State Solo Contest or OMEA***

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District Solo & Ensemble Costs & Fees

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Policies for the 2021 Virtual Event


Unless otherwise stated here, all previously established policies and rules for Solo and Ensemble contests are still in effect. Please refer to this here: https://www.oregonmusic.org/Policies.html



If any questions arise, please communicate them with the District Management Committee

AudItion Submission Guidelines

*please note changes to for this year to adapt to the virtual format, which may conflict with our Policies and Procedures for in-person events*

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Accompaniment Guidelines

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Chamber Ensemble Guidelines


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Copyright Compliance for Virtual Competition and Performance

Copyright citation NFHS "Virtual State Adjudication Permissions article from December 18, 2020

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OSAA State Solo Contest

In collaboration with the OMEA, the OSAA will be conducting the 2021 OSAA Solo Music Culminating Week event May 3-7, 2021 in which students from OMEA districts will qualify as in past years.  This ratings style event will highlight and provide exceptional feedback for students who qualify for the event.  As in past years, this event will be free for students (no entry fee required).  We are excited to provide this opportunity for the students across Oregon during this unprecedented year in high schools across the country.  Special thanks to Jeremy Zander, Stuart Welsh and Nathan Irby for their work. 


Here are the state solo dates you’ll need to be aware of:

  • State Registration Opens: April 5
  • State Registration Closes: April 16
  • State Submission Deadline: May 1
  • Culminating Week: May 3-7
  • Results Available: May 8 


Please contact Kyle Stanfield or State Solo Chair Nathan Irby if you have further questions

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Video File Help

Is Opus telling you your video file is too large? Follow this tutorial to make the files smaller 

Video File Size Compression Tutorial Video


Direct Link to a FREE file conversion/compression website


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