Orchestra Auditions


OMEA All-State High School Orchestra


All-State Application Packet


Click Here for the OMEA High School Orchestra Audition Materials


Each audition track should be a separate audio file (not video)




OMEA All-State Audition/Application fee per student is $13 paid via credit card ($10 screening fee + $3 application fee) by October 1st 11:59:59 PM - The fee must be paid first before audition files can be uploaded.


Students that apply and audition, must be fully prepared to participate in the event and pay the fee by November 8.


All-State Registration Fee:  $329.00 (due after a student is selected/notified -- Deadline = November 8, 2019) paid via credit card only (Parents will be allowed access to Opus to complete the Registration and payment process)


OMEA All-State High School Orchestra Dates: Friday, January 17 – Sunday, January 19, 2020


The performance will take place at the First Baptist Church in Eugene, Oregon on Sunday, January 19. Rehearsals will be held in at the University of Oregon music building.


All audition and registration fees must be paid online with a credit card to be submitted


2020 OMEA All-State Orchestra Conductor: Young K. Kim


All ensemble participants must room with 3 other students at the Graduate Hotel Eugene during the event.

Meals are provided from Friday evening through Sunday afternoon.


Teachers and students may not electronically or otherwise enhance any recordings. By submitting the audition materials online, the director attests that these conditions were met and agrees to adhere to all deadlines set by OMEA and understands that all deadlines are final.