Band Auditions

Audition Materials are slightly different for OMEA All-State and All-Northwest

--> Please read through the audition materials carefully <--



Students may audition for All-Northwest only


Students may audition for OMEA All-State only


Students may audition for BOTH All-Northwest AND OMEA All-State - They may only participate in ONE group (since the events happen simultaneously) and they will pay an audition fee for each group.


Click here for the materials for OMEA All-State Wind ensemble


***Updated OMEA All-State materials 8-31-2018: Alto/Tenor Sax Etude #2 - final note changed from B to D***


Each audition track should be a separate audio file (not video)

Note: OMEA will only have Wind Ensemble this year, no symphonic band


--> All-NW Wind Symphony is only open to 1A - 4A schools <---

Click here for the All-Northwest Eligible Small Schools list for the All-Northwest Small Schools Wind Symphony 




OMEA All-State Audition/Application fee per student is $13 paid via credit card ($10 screening fee + $3 application fee) by  October 3rd 11:59:59 PM - The fee must be paid first before audition files can be uploaded.


All-State Registration Fee: $375.00 (due after a student is selected ---> Deadline is December 12, 2018) paid via credit card only (Parents will be allowed access to Opus to complete the Registration and payment process)


OMEA All-State Conductor = Larry Gookin Bio & Headshot


OMEA All-State High School dates: Friday, February 15 - Sunday, February 17, 2019 in Portland, OR


Groups will rehearse and perform at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland, OR.


OMEA All-State students will stay at a hotel in downtown Portland, and be bussed to the Convention Center.


More details to come in student registration packets, after they have been accepted and notified in November 2018.


Teachers and students may not electronically or otherwise enhance any recordings. By submitting the audition materials online, the director attests that these conditions were met and agrees to adhere to all deadlines set by OMEA and understands that all deadlines are final.