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Teaching District:
Name School District
Sommers, David Hedrick M.S. District 8
sommers, monica
Song, Anna St Cecilia Parish District 15
Soon, Kevin Liberty High School District 15
Soper, Elizabeth
Sorensen, Carl Nyssa High School District 9
Sorum, Jarod
Soto, Jacob
Sours, James P Franklin High School District 1
Spalding, Paige
Sparrow, Sierra
Spear, Abigail
Spear, Mary
Spence, Darby
Spencer, Michelle
Sperry, Ethan
Spicer, Sara University of Oregon School of Music & Dance
Spisla, Laura
spring, shannon
spring, shannon
Springer, Kathryn
St. Clair, Johana
St. Clair, Johana
Stacy, Brenna Lincoln Elementary District 8
Stai, Brant Sherwood High School District 14
stanek, wendi Jacksonville elementary District 8
Stauffer, Wendy N Wallowa School District District 6
Stearns, Eric St. Helens High School District 3
Steele, Adam Oregon Episcopal School District 15
Steele, Rebecca North Clackamas Christian School District 13