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Name School District
Bates, Carli Inza Wood Middle School District 14
Bates, Walter District 15
Batson, Charity
Baughman, Anna Anna Baughman
Beacock, Russ
Beaubien, Carol M Alameda District 9
Beck, Jackie
Beck, Noah
Becker, Andrew Parkrose Middle School District 2
Becker, David Lewis and Clark College (Retired) District 15
Beckett, Danny
Becktel, Laura
Bell, Brian E North Salem High School District 4
Bell, Jennifer O'Neil McNary High School District 4
Belleque, Jessica Chavez Elementary District 12
Belleque, Samuel
Bellis-Squires, Raoul Arts & Communication Magnet Academy District 15
Belzer, Monica Ann Floyd Light Middle School District 2
Bemrose, Jordan Hermiston High School District 6
Bengel, Mary Beaverton High School District 15
Benischek, Stephanie Happy Valley Elementary
Benjamin, Christopher Henley High School District 8
Bennett, Conte J ACMA Arts and Communication Magnet Academy District 15
Bennett, Koreen Banks High School District 3
Bennett, Mary M Rowe Middle School District 13
Bennett, Naomi
Berdahl, Barry S Forest Grove High School District 3
Berdakin, Damian South Salem High School District 4
Berg, Jeanne Robert Gray M.S. District 1
Berg, Richard Charles Individual