UO Day of Improvisation
Event District: ALL Districts
Event Title: UO Day of Improvisation
Event Description: The Day of Improvisation is a one-day workshop for high school students who are interested in improving as jazz improvisers. Participating students will:

Rehearse in small groups
Learn the in’s and out’s of improvising and apply practice methods to selected repertoire
Eat pizza while being serenaded by UO jazz faculty and students
Attend masterclass sessions taught by UO faculty
Perform at an evening concert
Students must be nominated by their school band director to participate.
Start Date: October 11, 2023
Start Time: 09:30 am
Location: University of Oregon
Contact Info: Paul Krueger
Email: kruegerp@uoregon.edu
URL: https://jazz.uoregon.edu/doi/#:~:text=The%20Day%20of%20Improvisation%20is,practice%20methods%20to%20selected%20repertoire