High School Orchestra Fall 2018 Festival
Event District: ALL Districts
Event Title: High School Orchestra Fall 2018 Festival
Event Description: This is an inaugural high school orchestra Fall 2018 festival that will take place at Pacific University in Forest Grove on Saturday, November 3. The purpose of this event is to provide high school orchestra students and their teachers with an opportunity to perform and get in-depth feedback on their progress early in the school year. Three unique aspects of this festival are: (a) adjudicators for this festival will be string specialist ONLY, (b) each group will have about 90 minutes of close attention (15-20 minutes of performing time for which group will receive in-depth feedback in written form, followed by 30 minutes master class with one of the adjudicators, and another 30 minutes of consultations between the adjudicator and orchestra teacher) and (c) event will conclude by the performance of All Festival Orchestra that will be formed on spot and will perform earlier prepared piece of music under the button of one of the adjudicators. This year's adjudicators are: Dr. Frank Diaz (orchestra specialist; University of Indiana), Dr. Miranda Willson (cello professor; University of Idaho), Dr. Kelly Johnson (violin instructor/professor; Washington) and Prof. Tyler Abbot (double bass instructor; University of Oregon). All information on how to register for the event is here: https://www.pacificu.edu/arts/fall-high-school-orchestra-festival For any other information please contact Dr. Dijana Ihas at dihas@pacificu.edu We hope to see many orchestra students and orchestra teachers at this festival!!
Start Date: November 3, 2018
Start Time: 08:17 AM
Location: Pacific University
Contact Info: dihas@pacificu.edu
Email: dihas@pacificu.edu
URL: https://www.pacificu.edu/arts/fall-high-school-orchestra-festival