2018 All State Photography Information


Link to OMEA All-State 2018 Gallery: http://bit.ly/2nd1Z98

PDF of Information

Are you a player or singer in the 2018 Oregon All-State auditions? Are you related to someone who is? Would you like to enrich your memories of the experience with photos? If so, please follow the web link above. You will be able browse through photos of all the participating ensembles, as well as select candid shots. If you find images you would like to purchase, the website RPoppinoPhotography.com will guide you through a simple process that will deliver high quality prints directly to you.



During the OMEA/All-State Conference, January 11-14, Richard Poppino will take photos of all the participating ensembles, He will also catch candid shots of rehearsals and informal moments. He will post all the ensemble photos and many of the candids in a special gallery on his website. The name of the gallery is “OMEA All-State 2018.” It is semi-private, accessible only via the following link: http://bit.ly/2nd1Z98 or http://www.rpoppinophotography.com/Client-Galleries/OMEA-All-State-2018  It is not viewable by the general public. Through this gallery, you can order high quality prints in a variety of sizes and finishes. They will be processed by Bay Photo, a respected lab with more than forty years of experience, and mailed directly to you. 



To access the gallery “OMEA All-State 2018,” use the following link.


If you would like to purchase prints, it’s easy.

1.     Scroll through the photos. When you find one you would like to purchase, click on it. 

2.     A larger version of the image will appear. You will also see a button that says “Buy.” Click on that. 

3.     The website will then take you through the rest of the process. It will show you the print sizes and finishes available, as well as the price for each. It will ask you for your mailing address and calculate your shipping cost. And it will guide you through checkout. All payment is handled through the website. 


Note: In the gallery, the photos are displayed with a security watermark that says, “RPoppinoPhotography.com.” Don’t worry, these watermarks will not appear on your prints. 


Problems? Questions?

Write Richard Poppino at RPoppinoPhotography@gmail.com or via the “Contact” page on his website, RPoppinoPhotography.com.


Link to OMEA All-State 2018 Gallery